Falling for you

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Welcome, September! If you are like me, you are both equally shocked and relieved that it is (finally) September. August always seems like a whirl-wind with school starting, the flowers cranking out blooms, and the weather unpredictable (will it be scorching hot? humid? dry? temperate?)

9.1.19 asters dahlias bouquet.jpg

So, what have we been up to in the last few weeks? Here’s a quick list:

9.1.19 dahlias.jpg
8.27.19 dahlia queen special order.jpg
  • Special orders. We have been busy! And we like it that way. Our weekly subscribers have the benefit of me getting to learn their preferences, and I really love hearing/seeing/reading about when a bouquet makes someone’s day (or week).

  • Gladiolus. Our glads had some spectacular colors this year, and they are just about done for the season. Towards the end of their run, I was increasingly drawn to the soft pinks, which usually isn’t my color of choice. But these were irresistible!

  • A field photo shoot. Have you looked around at the website and noticed anything different? That’s because the amazing Rachel Wassink, a wonderful photographer and human from the Aurora area, worked her magic. I have spent my fair share of time just admiring the way she captured the field at sunset.

  • Two farmers’ markets in one day. There’s a first for everything, and we have survived our first foray into both Chris and I attending separate markets with flowers. They both turned out to be nice markets, but it was tiring! Probably in part because I got sunburned (eek).

  • Dahlias. Let the people say, hooray! The dahlias arrived really early this year, but in the last week the production has sky-rocketed. The excessive rain in May and June slowed their bloom time down, and - for a while - I was worried it wouldn’t pick up. I’m not so worried anymore, and I’m thrilled that - for whatever reason (knock on wood) - the pest populations seem to be lower this year, too. The only bad part is that I can’t keep all of the dahlias for myself!

  • Fall! Now, we know that fall hasn’t officially started yet, but we’re ready. We brought our new fall display/photo booth to the farmers’ market this weekend, along with the beginning of our fall products. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it was cool and temperate on Saturday. It was so much fun to see you all stop and take pictures in the photo booth!

  • We’re expanding (no, I’m not pregnant! haha). We’ve ripped up a new section of beds for 2020, expanding our growing space by approximately 33%. In doing so, we’ve now taken over 2 former sheep pastures, and I very much appreciate the in-laws willingness to tolerate and support more flowers next year. And, more flowers there will be! I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say there will be some awesome photo opportunities growing next year!

Sunny days.

Sunny days.

September is going to be a crazy busy/awesome month for us, with multiple weddings (including our first out of town wedding), a wine tasting and flower arranging event (September 17th, Wine Cafe in Wilmington), a fun fall-themed field event (September 25th, 5-6:30 pm, fall, photos, kids’ activities, the works!), and the regular slate of special orders, deliveries, and farmers’ markets.

We hope we get to see you at one or more of those events!

Sunshine on a rainy day.

Sunshine on a rainy day.

Yours in flowers,

Katie and Chris