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From those of you whom do athletics, I have gathered there is a concept that is essentially you try really hard before the end of the game/race/match/meet/what have you. Now, obviously my great sporting experience bears this out to be true (which is why I was crowned queen of the 10 minute mile in middle school).

But, seriously, these last few and next few weeks are the sprint before the approaching end of the season.

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We are waiting on the next large flush of sunflowers to come in. When they do, I would estimate we are at peak production for the season. After that, if prior years are a good indicator, production will level off, then start declining as the days get shorter and the nights get cooler. (We have had flowers in November, so I keep reminding myself not to consider October the killer of all flowers.)

The flowers really save the best for last. We are about to get another flush of snapdragons, and I was thrilled to harvest more of my favorite variety of snaps for the first time in awhile last week. The dahlias are hard to keep up with. I actually need to go to the field tomorrow for the second time in two days just to cut everything that’s blooming and hasn’t been used, to encourage production. Too many dahlias - what a bad problem to have (ha). There are other varieties that have only gotten better as the season has gone on: statice (the purples coming out of the field right now are truly divine!), sweet annie (a new all-time favorite), scabiosa (so great), and so on.

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Like the flowers, we are saving the best for last. We’ve retilled our new beds, and are going to get them prepped for winter. We are starting to discuss new ways of laying out the field, bee-friendly approaches, and more. We are culling the growing list for next year already, which is a much better way of doing it than trying to remember in January why I said I’d never grow that variety again.

Finally, we have some great events coming up. On Tuesday, the 17th, from 6-8 pm, I’m leading a floral design workshop at the Wilmington Wine Cafe .Yes, there will be wine. And appetizers. And our locally grown flowers. I’m really looking forward to this event! (Side note: There is a physical limit to the amount of space/people in the room, so the Wine Cafe really needs guests to call ahead to reserve their spot.)

Photo credit: Jordan Favero Photography

Photo credit: Jordan Favero Photography

On Wednesday, September 25th from 5-6:30 pm we are hosting our second you-pick party in the field, and we’re celebrating fall! Chris is leading a production tour of the field, so you can have the inside scoop on the growing side. I’ll lead a tour about dried flowers - which varieties work well, how to do it, how to cut them. Of course, we’ll have the scissors and vases you need to cut your own flowers, and you should have about 1,000 sunflowers to choose from. The amazingly talented photographer Jordan Favero is booking mini sessions in the field. We just go our family photos that we took in the field back, and they are stunning. You should must certainly schedule a mini session with her!

We’re also looking forward to more weddings, more farmers’ markets, and more special deliveries.

We can’t wait to share it all with you in these last glorious weeks of the season!

Yours in flowers,

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Katie and Chris Francis