A field of color

While the stars of the show here every week are the flowers, there are some show-stopping flowers that came out of the field this week. Colors, textures, sizes, smells, the whole gambit. What a beautiful week in flowers it has been. (I’m going to attempt to stay positive instead of complain endlessly about the excessive and annoying heat.)

You can see our flower field from the state route, and I must admit that I always try to look at it while driving by. (Other people must, too, because I hear a lot of vehicles hit the rumble strips. Maybe they’re just distracted by the excessively pale ghost, me, they see stalking the field. ha) The sunflowers feel like such happy sentinels. Chris decided to plant the 110 foot vertical bed that slopes up the hill in successions of sunflowers, and it’s quite picturesque. I especially like watching them track the movement of the sun throughout the day. I deeply love sunflowers, so my life improved a degree now that they are out in the field in full force.

white lite bouquet 7.20.19.jpg

There are other relative newcomers to the field, including massive zinnias, dahlias, cosmos, snapdragons, salvia, statice, dara, scabiosa, and amaranth tassels. I harvested for the farmers’ market on Friday morning, and I went back out on Saturday morning and either I forgot to harvest certain rows of zinnias, or they are opening overnight. In other words, it’s like a scavenger hunt every time I’m in the field now - ‘what’s blooming today?’

Multiple times this week I got to do one of my favorite activities - take a bucket of water and a pair of clippers, and walk the field for flowers that I’m going to arrange that day. It is so fun to see what the field has for me, and which color/variety combinations draw my eye. Sometimes I go out to harvest with a clear idea of what I or the customer wants, but sometimes I just go with the flow, and those times are especially fun.

On the production side, we did get the beds solarized and the crop crop in on other beds. We’re waiting for less hot, dry days to till up our newest section of beds. They will go into production in 2020, resulting in a 100% plus increase in bed space in 4 years. I have probably already earmarked every inch of space in those beds with varieties I’m in love with right now, like statice and snapdragons and dahlias. We’ll see how I change my mind as the season progresses.

Until then, we’ll keep admiring what we have, while dreaming about the future.

Here’s what I can’t get over this week:

This cheerful rudbeckia bed.

This cheerful rudbeckia bed.

Yours in flowers,

Katie and Chris Francis

This pink wall and just how many submissions we got for our first sunflower giveaway (one of the prizes pictured here.)

This pink wall and just how many submissions we got for our first sunflower giveaway (one of the prizes pictured here.)