Welcome, summer

harvest buckets 6.29.19.jpg

It is officially summer now, and we are welcoming this new season with open arms. This year, we started attending the farmers’ market 6 weeks earlier than any previous year. There were a number of reasons for that decision, which aren’t overly interesting. What is more interesting is what we learned from showing up to the markets that much earlier.

First, I learned to appreciate peonies in a whole new way this year. It’s not just that they are beautiful flowers (which they are), it’s that they bloom in a time of year when I’m practically desperate for fresh flowers. Other people at the farmers’ markets seemed to feel the same way, as the peony arrangements didn’t stick around for long each week.

Second, I learned how much interest there is in opportunities to visit the flower farm. That was very gratifying to see, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered making everyone pull one weed as price of entry. We’ll be rolling out more details about the first field event of the season soon (sans weed pulling requirements).

calendula bouquet 6.22.jpg

Third, I learned to appreciate the bounty of summer more. (I feel practically obligated to say this.) Production is not a steady, increasing line for us - there are ebbs and flows in the season depending on growing time, weather, and other field conditions. When you only sell at the farmers’ markets during the period where production is high and increasing, it just seems natural to have a big volume of product to sell. There were some hard weeks this spring - gap weeks between varieties blooming, or weeks when the 10+ inches of rain in May was felt very strongly. I have worried that these low production weeks would communicate the wrong message to customers, but a quick peek at our booth in the next few weeks will dispel any concerns about production, volume, or quantity.

Fourth, and finally, I learned how much I prefer the saturated and deep colors of summer to the pastels of spring. Pastels certainly have their place, but I don’t think that they will ever have my heart in the same way as bold, rich, vibrant colors will. The colors these last two weeks have been incredible.

first sunflower 6.27.jpg

Okay, enough reflections. So, what have we been up to?

In the last two weeks, we have seen the first sunflowers bloom (hooray!!!), dahlia buds about to burst (that’s never happened this early in July!), and an epic storm rip through this previous Sunday. Thankfully, the storm damage was minimal. One zinnia and a few volunteer sunflowers are the worse for it, but everyone else will pull through fine. We have ended in what we are told is our permanent home at the farmers’ market (across from the gazebo, by the aisle to the parking lot). We have dealt with some nasty heat and humidity (the ‘the sweat is dripping off my face so much I can’t see out of my sunglasses’ kind). We are on pace with planting and managing the weeds for the moment (that is subject to change on a whim, if we’re unlucky). We likely won’t take time off on the 4th (in fact, I’m going to take advantage of the fact that Chris is off for extra weeding time). And, we’ll celebrate my birthday on Sunday (if anyone remembers - ha!)

Here’s what I can’t get over this week:

In a word - COLOR.

rainbow close up 7.1.19.jpg
first zinnia bouquet 7.1.19.jpg
rainbow bouquet 6.29.19.jpg

Yours in flowers,

Katie and Chris Francis