We're having a heat wave

When I was a kid, if I had to stay home from school sick, I would often watch old movies my parents had taped off TV - like My Fair Lady or South Pacific. I have always retained a nostalgic fondness for classic movies, so my favorite two Christmas movies are White Christmas and Christmas In Connecticut.

It is from White Christmas that I learned the song, “Heat Wave”, the first line of which is very apropos this week: “We’re having a heat wave / A tropical heat wave / The temperature’s risin’ / It isn’t surprising / She certainly can can can”. Not that I can can-can, but it’s hot here. (Sidenote: I looked up the lyrics to this song today, and a lot went over my head as a kid - for the better. It’s not the cleanest song!)

rudbeckia bouquet 7.8.19.jpg

Did I mention that it’s really hot here? Like, sit in the shade after weeding for 30 minutes hot. Like, sweat through your clothes before 8 am at the farmers’ market hot. Like, I can taste the heat coming off of the pasture hot. You get the picture.

Thankfully, sunny, hot days are good for flowers that had a very wet and cloudy spring. Of course, the sunflowers jump up quickly, daily, right now. And, we have been enjoying the sunflowers that have joined us. I take pictures of them like they are fashion models, so I hope they are enjoying the attention. I have been surprised by the growth the pea tendrils, salvia, and newest plantings of zinnias have put on. The zinnias germinated on day 3, which is great. I was planning on fewer germinating than they did, so I’ll have to do some heavy thinning now as a result. An embarassment of zinnia riches, you may say.

sun bells bouquet 7.9.19.jpg

The pumpkins and gourds have also appreciated the turn in the weather. Chris and his dad had to put up fence panels to help corral their ambitious growth. At some point, mowing between the rows will become impossible and we will just hope for the best.

I have been enjoying the special orders that have been coming in recently. I also have had fun finding new places to photograph the bouquets, and then I inevitably tweak the arrangement and the picture is out of date. Oh well. Fun tip: always photograph your arrangements and/or look at them in the mirror before calling them finished. It does help to see holes/missteps.

While I’ve been busy weeding, harvesting and arranging, Chris has been prepping some beds that are getting ready to get solarized, or get planted with cover crops, or get planted with sunflowers or other fall products. This is very exciting to me, for several reasons. For one, these beds have been sopping wet all season. They are finally dry enough to work, which represents progress. For another, my type A personality likes having things figured out and finished, so I’m glad to move one step closer to that goal.

All in all, we are trying to stay cool (freezing water bottles to have at the farmers’ market really helps) and keep the flowers happy.

Here’s what I can’t get over this week:

My favorite zinnias are here!

My favorite zinnias are here!

Here’s to another good week.

Yours in flowers,

Katie and Chris

Nature inspired floral designs.

Nature inspired floral designs.