Seeds, seeds, and more seeds

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It is a happy week when lots of seed, bulbs, and plants go into the ground. So, this last week has been happy in that regard! Overall, though, there are lots of things to be happy about in this last week.

For one, Chris has worked tirelessly in the windows of good weather to stay on top of planting and transplanting. So far, things are coming along nicely in the field, given the 10+ inches of rain we ended up with in the month of May. Unfortunately, the rain also waters the weeds, and so I have been on weeding duty. I almost married Chris all over again when I discovered the standing colinear hoe he ordered. It makes weeding between plants a dream, and it’s 4 inch blade more than makes up for any deficits in hand-eye coordination on my part. (There was a reason my 7th grade nickname on my basketball team was Butterfingers.)

Additionally, we are thrilled to have all but 10 of our dahlias up. I think I saw a few more thinking about emerging today. We are both very relieved that the excessive rain didn’t seem to cause them to rot in place after they were planted. I ordered some different varieties this year, some of which were short season, so I hope to see them take off soon.


Another very happy thing this week has been the standout bloom of the month of May/beginning of June: peonies. They are fantastic this year. I don’t know if I just never paid close attention to them in previous years, but they are truly out of this world, and that’s to say nothing of their fragrance. We are one year away from harvesting our plants in mass, and so we saved a few blooms to see what they will be like. Let’s just say next spring should be a good time.

Finally, we had a good time at the farmers’ market this last Saturday. Selling out of all of our fresh product helps, of course. Since the field has not burst into bloom in full force yet, it’s just nice to get established, see returning customers, and help introduce more people to the joys of locally grown, seasonal flowers. Plus, there’s some really good coffee vendors at the market, and I have to support other small, locally owned businesses, right?

Here’s to a week ahead of more sun, more planting, and fewer weeds (that last one won’t happen, but one can hope).

In case you’re curious, here’s what I can’t get over this week:

Locally grown and designed June flowers - this was so much fun to do. And I love the asparagus fern in there.

Locally grown and designed June flowers - this was so much fun to do. And I love the asparagus fern in there.

Yours in flowers,

Katie (and Chris)