To-do list time

planting johnnys.jpg

Well, it’s still soggy out. Unfortunately, it’s also now what I think of as ‘to-do list time’, that fun period of time during which things only get added to my multiple to-do lists and never subtracted. (Confession: sometimes I added easily completed tasks to my lists to give myself a sense of accomplishment.)

So what kinds of things have been on the to-do lists? In the past week, I have started hundreds more seeds (toothache plant, bachelor buttons, zinnias), potted up lots of varieties (although I think of this as plant surgery, which basically makes me a surgeon), and gone through a lot of water. These plants are thirsty!

The dahlias are all divided and just waiting for the ground to dry up enough to successfully use the wheel hoe.

And, I found that I have hundreds of rudbeckia coming up in the field that self-seeded from last year. This is both exciting and makes me somewhat regret the space I gave to the rudbeckia I have already started. Still, there was no way to know that anything would have survived the bitterly cold winter we had. With an actual temperatures of -23 degrees at one point this winter, I can honestly say that it was a new low for me.

Chris informed me today that we have over 200 varieties of seeds to plant at this point. I think he was a little shocked the number was that high because I ordered all of the seeds without him. (He may not let that happen again!)

All of that to say, it’s a big week coming up for us. Here’s what is on the horizon for us this week:

  • PLANT ALL OF THE THINGS. But, seriously, we are going to go into a planting frenzy as soon as we are comfortable with the moisture levels in the field. This means I am doing the seed shuffle right now, transporting flats and flats of seeds out of the garage and back in hours later to help them harden off and successfully adjust to their new future life in the field.

  • Tend the seeds still in the garage.

  • Start more seeds.

  • Stop buying flowers at the local hardware store for our home porch. 10 planters is probably enough (maybe not?!)

  • Watch the mail daily for the heirloom mums I ordered to arrive. (Insert so many heart eye emojis here.)

  • Finalize our vendor display and such for the Kankakee Farmers’ Markets this summer.

  • Celebrate Mother’s Day? (I’m hoping Chris hasn’t forgotten about this!)

may field.jpg

Here’s what I can’t get over this week:

  • This picture was from a year ago already!

  • Also, I have 245 soil blocks of multiple stock seedlings growing in the garage right now. The picture here shows, um, a small portion of that. #sorrynotsorry

Yours in flowers,

Katie (and Chris)