Waiting on June

The first flowers from the field! Friday, May 24, 2019

The first flowers from the field! Friday, May 24, 2019

If you are a fan of country music, you will recognize the title of this post as a country song that Chris is fond of singing. It also happens to be a very accurate indication of our current mood.

We are looking forward to the month of June and, with it, hopefully sunny skies, less rain, and even more blooms fresh from the field.

Right now, we have been enjoying the very first of the flowers we harvest, including peonies (our first year - we have been waiting for these for awhile now, as they take years to produce), bachelor buttons, and baby’s breath plus assorted greens.

In other words, the fun is just getting started.

I have been trying to look for silver linings in all of these rain clouds (we are at approximately 10” of rain for the month). Here’s what I have found:

  • I have only had to go out and water the field once. That frees up time to do other things.

  • I have gotten the opportunity to germinate test somethings inside and see how they do. This is always good information to have for future years.

  • I have gotten to play (design) with dried flowers we cut from the field last year. I have acquired a newfound appreciation for strawflower and consequently went and planted more.

  • I have found it laughably easy to weed. You can pull taproots out by hand right now, and I’ve gotten some real winners (a foot long root, for instance). It does give me great satisfaction to clear grass from the beds. If you’ve ever weeded, you’ll know that grass is the worst.

So, it certainly hasn’t been all (literal) doom and gloom. Waiting isn’t really my strong suit, so having to wait wait wait to do everything that we want to do in the field is difficult. But it won’t kill me.

This week, we are crossing our fingers to get a couple of all-day planting sessions in. We will see!

Until then, here’s what I can’t get over this week:

peony 5.29.jpeg

Fresh cut flowers from the field! The peonies! The colors! Oh, and, the smell!

See below for our first arrangement out of the field for 2019.

Yours in flowers,

Katie and Chris

Locally grown and designed sympathy flowers.

Locally grown and designed sympathy flowers.