To market, to market


It’s been another week, and another several inches of rain. I had hoped we would have gone into a planting frenzy by now, but the farm has recorded 7.18” of rain for May so far this month. That’s a lot of rain, in case you didn’t know.

Thankfully, my survey of the field this morning found that everything is doing okay given how wet it is out there. (For those of you familiar with The Little Blue Truck books, it called to mind the “muck and mire” that ensnares the dump truck.) Weeding tap roots is nice in this weather, so that’s a silver lining to all of these rain clouds.

We were able to get the dahlias in the ground last week, and one is already up. (YAY) This is a hopeful signs, as dahlias don’t want a lot of water after they are planted (gulp). I am crossing my fingers that they pull through for us.

We were able to direct seed and transplant into the field some this week, so it wasn’t a total planting loss. (The corn and bean farmers, though, that’s a whole other story. Yikes yikes yikes. My heart goes out to them. It’s a bleak and desperate situation.)

One happy thing on the horizon is the first farmers’ market of the season this Saturday, May 25th in downtown Kankakee from 8 am - 12 pm. We will have a limited number of flowers, flowers in pots, and dried arrangements. I am looking forward to the energy and excitement of this farmers’ market; it really is a great event and it will be nice to interact with customers rather than sit around and wring our hands at the weather forecast. (Not that we every actually sit around, but you get the idea.)

In the meantime, we will plant when we can, weed when we can, and pray that everything dries out.

Send us any dry, warm weather that you can!

Here’s what I can’t get over this week:


How many of these (Chinese Forget Me Nots) self-seeded from last year. There are so many, which isn’t surprising if you know how many seeds they put out. I’m just going to let them do their thing and enjoy the result!

Yours in flowers,

Katie (and Chris)