The most wonderful time of the year

field flooded 5.15.jpg

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And also the dirtiest.

And the most tiring.

And the most stressful.

And the busiest.

And the most hopeful.

Nope, not the holidays, it’s the first week of planting!

Chris has been tirelessly working on perfecting the planting map. He is certainly the right person for this task. He is the most detailed, thorough, and relentless worker I have met. Me? I’d frolic through the field, scattering seed like Hansel and Gretel distributed breadcrumbs and hope for the best. Well, not really, but I’m much more comfortable with improvisation, which does not translate well into knowing what is growing where. So, we do this Chris’ way and everyone is happier.

In fact, over the last few years, Chris and I have developed a division of labor that works well for us:

sunbathing 5.15.jpg


Selects seed (so much fun, and expensive when I buy ALL of it)

Starts seed

Tends seeds under grow lights (water, pot up, thin, worries about seeds, disposes of dead mice, etc.)

Harden off seeds so they can be transplanted


Plans planting space

Preps beds/irrigation

Plants/transplants everything







Takes care of all technical/infrastructure problems

Harvest sunflowers that are too tall for Katie

Loads everything up (if this was left to Katie, about 1 bucket of flowers would make it to the market each week, probably damaged)

Transports everything

Obviously, I (Katie) have the much better end of the deal.

So, it was a busy week for both of us. I was tending/watering/starting seed/hardening seed while Chris was planning the bed space, prepping beds, and starting planting. I’m watering and weeding today, and he goes back to the field to plant more (DAHLIAS!) tonight.

It probably goes without saying, but this week is exciting and anxiety producing (will it rain? Will it rain too much? Is the ground dry enough?). Mostly, though, it just feels good to get things in the ground.

In addition, we picked the first cut flower from the field yesterday (yay!) and the first farmers’ market is in 10 days. We will have some fun potted flowers, dried flower wreaths, and loads of info about what’s coming this season, our special event/wedding work, and more. Plus, I will have a very large hat on, thanks to Mother’s Day. (I think the thing has a 12” brim, so come check it out on the 25th in downtown Kankakee at the first summer Kankakee Farmers’ Market!)

Here’s what I can’t get over this week:

The first flower from the field! Promptly thrown by little one on the ground in pursuit of the dog.

The first flower from the field! Promptly thrown by little one on the ground in pursuit of the dog.

Peonies in the sunset. <Swoon>

Peonies in the sunset. <Swoon>

Yours in flowers,

Katie (& Chris)