A clean slate / a soggy spring

Happy May Day!

May is upon us, and it’s full spring-cleaning mode over here. I’ve been through the pantry and closets at home, and have moved on to the digital world. The website has gotten an overhaul, and so have our social media sites (@proclamationflowers on Facebook and Instagram). I’m too scared to tackle the garage (eek - so dirty), so I’m cleaning up the news section here instead.

We are…well, waiting. Waiting for the rain to stop (over 2.5 inches yesterday alone) and for the field to dry out. Meanwhile, I’m tending to the flowers that were started over the winter, and repeatedly returning to the local hardware store for more supplies to pot up seedlings. It’s a good problem to have, I guess. We have the dahlias unboxed and ready to split, so that they can go into the ground as soon as the field is ready. We are working on details for upcoming events this year (the farmers’ markets, festivals, wedding/shower type celebrations), and we are planning some cool new types of activities. Anyone want to paint in the flower field? Sip wine? Shop? We’ve got you, boo.

We are hoping to have more open house (field) events this year, too, and I have my eye on an old train depot that would be perfect as a market stand. If only I can convince someone to sell it to me… We shall see!

So far, we have the following in the works (lots of varieties of some of these with a lot more to be planted directly into the field):




Dusty Miller












Toothache plant (??? so curious about this one)

And probably some that I can’t think of right now :)

Here’s a small sample of what that looks like:

may 1 lavender.jpg

And here’s what I can’t get over this week. All the heart eyes for these lovelies:

Yours in flowers,

Katie & Chris